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With our new branding comes a redesigned website. We moved it from a custom coded simple site to a content management system to make marketing a bit simpler. Marketing tips learned from SCORE Mentors in Dallas included Digital Marketing from @RonCates.  We are moving forward with targeted email marketing using some pointers from Ron. MailChimp account created and sign up opportunities will be here, on our other websites, and Facebook.

Targeted in our case means when you ask to stay in touch you can choose one or all of our brands. Slezak Podniky (Czech for enterprises) encompasses all our brands – Slezak Natural Beef, Slezak Ag & Natural Resources, PC Nuts/PC Nuts Hosting, and Everlasting Light Images. Gerald was farming, had cattle, and a computer business before we got married. I worked for the government as a forester, but did some computer programming, website design and had a nature photography business on the side.

Slezak Ag & Natural Resources

This is our consulting branch. Gerald a Certified Crop Advisor and I am a Certified Forester.  We firmly believe when you take care of the land, it takes care of you. And in being good stewards of our resources, sustainability is possible and mandatory for the future of us all.

20170402 Pond siting

20170402 Pond siting

In line with resource sustainability, reducing the waste of natural resources is a high priority for us. We built a new pond to capture water while reducing erosion.  Water that will be available for irrigation. Pipes were buried where rill erosion had begun with the more frequent heavy annual rains. The pipes empty into the new pond. Bigger pipe was buried for the overflow from the new pond to the old pond east in the pasture. But in dry times water can be pumped back into the new pond to facilitate irrigation from the new pond. (New pond is full as I write. Overflow tube worked beautifully. Old pond full with it’s new outlet tubes dispersing water across grassy pasture.)

Forestry on the Plains

As a forester, I ache seeing our aging urban canopy being removed and put in tree dumps and agriculture expansion taking trees from old farmsteds and fencerows to be put in holes/piles and burned. If nad when the trees need to be removed, as a sustainable natural resource they don’t need to be wasted. That’s why we purchased a Wood-Mizer sawmill. I’m relearning what I knew of softwood lumber production and adding hardwoods, kiln schedules, and non-traditional products.

Marketing materials we purchased at Sam’s Club recently include banners we can use to advertise our sawmill services when we are set up at a client’s house, at a home show or driving in a parade. A larger banner displays all of our brands. They should be in hand in time for the fist parade of the summer – Milligan June Jubilee on June 11. Come on over. Or come for the whole weekend – Friday night is Phil Vassar and Black Hawk in concert. Info at

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