Emerald Ash Borer found at Mahoney

Another location was confirmed for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  The insect was found in a baited trap at Lakeside Campground. I read about it in the North Platte Post. The EAB is a non-native tree pest that is killing ash trees in 30 states and 4 Canadian Provinces.

Professionals don’t recommend treating trees until there is confirmed find of the insect within 15 miles. Then you have a decision to make. Is the tree in good health and important to your landscape? Injection treatments must be done by licensed applicators, and once started must be done every 1 to 3 years depending on the insecticide. The injection itself damages the tree.

If your ash tree(s) are not in good health now, plant a replacement tree and take down the ash trees in stages. Planting now could give the replacement trees 5-10 years before the EAB is killing trees around you. If the ash tree is shading  your home, you’ll want to get started now to get the shade back sooner.

Safety Issues

Many tree care/tree removal companies won’t remove EAB killed ash as they are brittle and break in unexpected ways. So removing them as the EAB is found could be the safer way to go. It’s a balancing act.

New Treatment Consideration Zone

Nebraska EAB Map

PARTS of five counties are in a Treatment Cons

Map showing EAB Treatment Consideration Zone and Quarantineideration Zone – Cass, Douglas, Lancaster, Otoe, Sarpy, and Saunders. Only parts. Save your money and don’t indescriminately use chemicals or hire someone to do so if you are not within the zone. Your local Nebraska Extension Office or the Nebraska Forest Service would verify if you are or not. This map is posted on the Nebraska Forest Service’s EAB info site (eabne.info).

When it’s found near you

If you decide not to treat when it is near you, please remember when the tree comes down, it doesn’t have to go to the tree dump or fire place. We can help you make a family heirloom or a simple picnic table. We can utilize all of the tree. If it’s too small for the sawmill, it will go for biochar which can be many beneficial products from soil amendment to odor reducer.

Tree coming down? Let’s craft a dream. Or build the soil. Or both.

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